More and more retailers are starting to care about frictionless technology. This just basically means reducing friction for customers when they check out. A huge part of this involves contactless checkout, which your retail business can succeed with if it takes a couple of important measures.

Advertise Contactless Options

There is going to be a subset of customers that aren't accustomed to contactless checkout, at least not yet. You thus have to educate them while they're in your actual retail store. You just need to advertise in an effective manner.

For instance, you can put up signs that show contactless checkout is an option and then include arrows to the self-checkout stations. That's going to get more and more customers to use them over time, even if they're new to this type of technology. Then your retail store can provide more value to customers.

Include Instructions

For those that do end up going the contactless checkout route once they've found items in your retail store that they want to buy, it's your job to make this process as convenient as possible. Then they'll find more value in this service and potentially feel compelled to do business with your retail store again.

Always include instructions near the checkout stations, showing customers exactly what to do. You can put up visual charts that show the checkout process or include instructions on the actual touch screens that customers will be using. Just make this contactless checkout process as user-friendly as possible. 

Make Sure Staff Know These Technology Solutions Well

Even if customers use contactless payment options in your retail store, you still want your staff to be educated on how these solutions work. Then if your customers experience a problem during their self-checkout experience, a staff member nearby can assist in a meaningful way.

It may be to get their payment to go through or maybe the change dispensing system needs to be filled up again. Knowledgeable staff also can walk customers through the contactless payment process so that they don't get confused and then have a negative experience in your retail store.

Frictionless technology is paramount for a lot of companies today, especially for retail stores that have to deal with a lot of customers on a regular basis. If you're investing in contactless checkout systems in particular, make sure you know how to roll out this technology and manage it properly moving forward. 

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