When talking about PCBs, you could be talking about two different things. One PCB is a "printed circuit board," while the other PCB are "poly-chlorinated biphenyls", emulsion byproducts that are bad for the environment. Clearly, these items, despite their use of the exact initials, are already very different from each other, but there are other differences between them that are worth highlighting and mentioning.

PCB Computer Parts Are Recyclable

The beautiful part about computer boards is that every component on them and in them is recyclable. They can be broken down and remade into new computer boards and the waste is truly minimal. When a computer board PCB manufacturer also incorporates self-sustaining business practices, then these PCBs are even more valuable than before.

PCB Waste Is Not Recyclable

The other PCBs, the poly-chlorine biphenyls, are not recyclable. To make matters worse, they can cause reproductive issues in fish and the birds and animals that eat the fish, including humans. When you drink, play or bathe in water that has a high ppm (parts per million) count of PCBs, you put yourself and future generations at risk for mutations and birth defects. Examples of the negative impact on the environment that these PCBs have can be seen at the Fox River of Wisconsin.

PCBs Impacting Other PCBs

In a twist of irony, printed computer boards are used in technology that helps clean up poly-chlorine biphenyls in the environment. In short, one PCB helps rid the world of another PCB. The computer board PCBs help reproduce simulations and perform calculations that show how the chemical PCBs can be safely removed from the environment and reduce the toxic effects. Scientists are able to use the computer-type PCBs to figure out a plan of action and how long that plan of action will take to remove the harmful poly-chlorine biphenyls from an area.

Ordering Printed Circuit Boards for Use in Environmental Studies and Science Computers

As a final word on the acronym of PCBs, let's just say that as a scientist or lab researcher, you can order your printed circuit boards for the study of poly-chlorinated biphenyls. Just ask a company that produces the circuit boards for specific or custom printed boards for your research computers. Once installed, your computers will then be able to help you clean up the PCBs (i.e., poly-chlorinated biphenyls) from the environment or area where you are studying these effects.