The world of golf is competitive, both between players and between courses. If you work for a golf course in a marketing capacity, you need to be constantly looking for new strategies that can bring more golfers to your business and strengthen your brand. Today, it's ideal to use social media to your advantage. Connecting with golfers via social media can allow you to build a sizable following and thus increase the visibility of your name throughout the area. Here are some techniques that you can use for this goal.

Offer Discounts On Social Media

When you use a social media platform to get local golfers to "like" or "follow" you, you need to give them an incentive to do so. An ideal way to market your golf course is to offer discounts via social media. For example, you send discount codes to those who have joined your social media presence, and they can then use this code to save money off their next round of golf. For example, you could give them a five-digit code to quote at the time that they book their tee time, and this will reduce their fee by 10 percent. This incentive might be enough to draw some people to your golf course when they weren't otherwise planning to play.

Give Out Prizes To Your Followers

Many golf courses use the distribution of prizes such as golf balls, clubs and apparel featuring the golf course's name and logo as a way to give their supporters a little something extra. You can combine this idea with social media by giving out prizes to your followers. For example, once per week, you can select a random social media follower to win a new sleeve of golf balls. People can only be eligible for this prize draw by being in your social media group.

Provide Valuable Golf Tips

Your social media account can also be used to provide non-financial value to your followers. One way to accomplish this goal is to have your course's teaching professional offer some tips once per week. People will want to automatically follow your group for these valuable tips, which might also compel more golfers to book tee times to give the new strategies a try. Additionally, your followers will feel that they're getting value out of following you, which helps make them feel that following your social media accounts is worthwhile for them.

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