Trying to keep all your employees connected to their clients can be really difficult if your employees are telecommuting and not necessarily in the office. Clients can end up waiting until you can get in touch with your employee and until that employee has a chance to get in touch with them. You can end up playing all kinds of telephone tag. However, there are ways that you can keep everyone connected no matter what. One of those ways is to use VoIP services. 


VoIP stands for voice over Internet protocol. In other words, instead of using a phone line and having the voice information transfer over a wire, your voice turns into small data packets that are broken down and sent over the Internet. The phones that you use are no different than phones that you would use otherwise. For example, if you prefer to use cordless phones, you can still do that. The base transmitter of the phone will still be attached to a line that will go to a central modem and then from the modem to the Internet. 

VoIP Features

If you are worried about losing certain features like conference calls, there is no worry. VoIP can handle things like conference calls easily. In fact, conference calls may be easier over VoIP because of the way the Internet works. The packets of digital data may go through several different paths to end up in the same place. The information can get from your end to the other end of the conference call and back smoothly and easily so that you can make your call. VoIP also has the added benefit of having video calls. Video calls will allow you and your client to see each other, which means you can do presentations without anyone having to travel which saves everyone time and money.

Call forwarding is another feature that VoIP has. That means that your employee can set it up so that phone calls that would ordinarily go to their office phone can be sent to a cell phone or a home phone. That will mean your clients will get their concerns handled in a timely manner.

If you are looking for a telephone system that will make your job and your employees' jobs easier and help to make your clients more satisfied, you may want to check into VoIP services. Contact Dalton Utilities if you have questions about VoIP or other telephone services that would be useful for your business.