Running a virtual call center, whether to handle calls for other companies or for your own customers, is a great way to keep overhead costs low without sacrificing quality, reliability, or security. But you'll need to do more than hire a group of virtual agents to handle customer relations if you want more than mediocre results – here are four easy yet effective things you can do to optimize production and profits within your virtual call center business:

Create Interactive Training Programs

Because your virtual agents will be connected to the Internet through their computer while they work, you can ensure that production levels stay consistently high by creating interactive training programs they can virtually access during their shifts. Everything from sales training and time management courses to Q&A databases and training quizzes can be integrated into a company intranet.

You should find that with instant access to interactive training programs between calls, agents stay engaged and become more educated about every aspect of the products and services they're working with when dealing with customers. Consider offering ten minutes of training time each week so agents can get paid to review your interactive programs without any distractions.

Make Recognition a Regular Occurrence

Employee recognition is an important aspect of maintaining a productive workplace, even when working with a group of virtual independent contractors. Because virtual workers don't have a personal connection to a manager or coworkers like brick-and-mortar employees do, getting recognition through email or by phone once in a while can go a long way in making them feel appreciated and noticed as an integral part of your business.

And by making agent recognition a priority in your day-to-day business practices, you'll likely notice an increase in overall job performance, improved virtual team workmanship, and even a decrease in agent turnover. You don't have to offer cash bonuses or schedule extravagant yearly retreats in order to provide your agents with the encouragement they need to feel good about their jobs and to care about their performance. Try one or more of these ideas:

  • Send weekly email newsletters that recognizes top performers, special efforts, and general commitment.
  • Send personalized ecards to agents who maintain high performance levels throughout a given month.
  • Sponsor fun contests and offer rewards like movie tickets and virtual gift cards to the winners.

For those who exhibit exceptional performance and commitment and who you want to retain long term, consider mailing them personalized certificates to commemorate six months or a years' worth of service.

Invest in Remote Computer Repair Services

Because your virtual call center is completely based upon technology, chances are that you, managers, and agents will have a technical problem once in a while that needs to be fixed as soon as possible in order to minimize downtime and profit loss. The best way to ensure that your system and those that your agents use are always in proper working order is to invest in remote computer repair services so you don't have to wait for an appointment or pay off-hour fees in order to get the help you need. This investment will ensure that you have a virtual team to instantly call on for things like:

  • Computer and Program Optimization
  • Virus Removal
  • Security Updates and Management
  • Interface Dysfunctions
  • Intranet Corruptions

With the help of remote computer repair services, there is no need to wait hours for a solution to your immediate problems. Much of the time, you should be able to count on at least a diagnosis for your problem in a matter of minutes.  

Along with a little effort and commitment, the use of these methods and techniques can make a significant impact on the results you are after in the long run.